Eva Carneiro

Eva Carneiro - detail

I took a whole term off, with yet another governess (Christine), while my father, Aunt Ethel and Eve deliberated about the unpromising future. I was already twelve. But I was thrilled.

Europe was tense. Still a bye-word for international luxury, Le Rosey was unlike any school I could ever have imagined. The directeur was a Monsieur Carnal, a Swiss of urbane good manners, but whose name was not inappropriate to the fleshly priorities for which Le Rosey stood – and, evidently, still stands. Madame Carnal was an American lady of great dignity, sweetness and warmth, who (I think) even kissed me on arrival … Each time I see a packet of Suchard Sugus at the kiosk de tabac in Geneva Airport they still arouse lustful infantile memories.

A Bundle From Britain, by Alistair Horne [abridged]